Mariposa was completed for the Touch of Gold Austin Fiber Artists group exhibit. The show will be held at the Arts of Rural Texas Ross Gallery in Fayetteville, TX on August 1-23, 2012. Opening reception is August 4th from 5-7PM. Everyone is invited to attend. Mariposa measures 8X8 and is set on a 10X10 painted canvas. The background was quilted on a piece of hand dyed cotton. The branches are composed of upholstery fibers and hand dyed lace. The leaves are created as discussed in a previous post, and are machine appliqued in a 3 dimensional manner such that they rise off the surface, creating a canopy effect. The flowers are composed of painted and heat distressed lutradur and are tacked down strategically such that they are allowed to come forward. The butterfly was soft sculpted and painted with acrylic and 3Dimensional paints to convey the pattern in the wings. This piece was a pleasure to make and will be in search of a new home at the upcoming show along with three other pieces, Amethyst Garden, Margaritaville and Moon Shadow. If you are in the area, please stop by and say hello. we would love to see you! For more information, please visit

2 Responses to “Mariposa”

  1. Shyamala Rao says:

    Love it.So intricate.

  2. Barb says:

    Thank you, Shyamala. This piece went together so easily, it was a joy to work on it!